Thursday, March 20, 2008

mimosas and college basketball

The NCAA tournament starts today! Actually, it's already started. We're watching our Alma Mater, the University of Kansas, play against Portland State right now. We have NO problem cheering on KU while living here!

This is KU's year. It is. There will be six games. Thankfully my dear co-manager at work offered to work the floor today at the store I was supposed to work 10-1 at so I could stay home and watch the game. I love Charles.

So yeah, some knitting has happened (I've got about 12 inches done so far of the back piece) and more training at work has happened.

Now, some basketball and mimosas are happening, so I am out!


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Becky said...

I joined two brackets for the tournament and have them going to the Final Four. Going to TCU, we never get any type of national coverage for our teams, so it must be pretty exciting to have an alma mater that's such a strong team.