Friday, March 28, 2008

gone knitting

I swear, sometimes just reading through directions for knitted things to someone who knits makes everything click. Jenn, thanks!

I went to my dear friend's house last night for an impromptu night of dinner, knitting and a movie. The dinner was amazing, thrown together on the fly. Sauteed chicken, penne pasta with homemade pesto (best I've ever had), and steamed broccoli. In two words: so good!

After we chatted and ate we retired to the family room and started knitting away. She was working on her amazing socks (knitting both at the same time) while I made tassels for a certain someone's hat (I swear Zoe, it will be sent out soon!). I then decided that since I was with an incredible knitting friend I should pull out the sweater and dive in. It was great, it all made sense (well at least the little bit of the pattern that had me stumped).

So I have more than half of the back piece done. Then I have the left and right fronts and both, shouldn't have listed out all that I have left on the sweater because it's not really anywhere near completion. LOL

Today's plan?

Go to Close Knit for some fun things for a friend's baby shower.

Come home and work on laundry.


Watch KU basketball this evening.

Nice. day. off.

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