Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have started knitting my second sweater. It's going to be beautiful AND it's going to look good on me. My first sweater, not so much. It was a sad thing. I followed the directions, instead of listening to that ever pesky inner guide and making it longer, and it's too short. It's also not the right neck line for me and makes me look even chestier (if that is possible). So it has become my winter cycling sweater. I still love the yarn, which is why I went with an alpaca for the second sweater (it was what it called for, really).

I have only about an inch of the back made. It's pretty darned exciting for me, though. I'm off work today and besides laundry, I am planning on knitting. If it were going to be sunnier out, I'd also work in a bit of gardening. We've turned under the first bed of crimson clover (green mulch) and got quite the workout yesterday. But it's cold, rainy, and just plain glum outside. So I will make a pot of french press coffee, a bagel, and I will sit and knit.

Pictures to come shortly (camera is upstairs, knitting down).

UPDATED: Obviously you see two images have been uploaded. The second, the skein of yarn with Ben, is more accurate of the color. The first is just how far I've gotten as of this very minute.


PlazaJen said...

MMmmm. I can see how soft it is! Yummeh!

bronxbt said...

wowsers... i don't check your site for justa' coupla' days and you have soooo many entries!

first of all: heavy perfumey people need to be doused with water. 'nuff said.

second: cooh to see another posting on yer knitty-goodness.

third: i'm still waiting for my fuzzi-knitted socks.


i am.



StarSpry said...

Oooo...That's a great color! It's going to be a very pretty sweater :)

Monika said...

I think this is the first knitting project you show on purpose (not background), since I'm reading your blog. I like the color, and I hope this one will work out for you. Alpaca is lovely to work with, made a shawl once, and a hat.