Saturday, March 29, 2008

in which i have a memory

I was reading through an old message from Plaza Jen at Ravelry (siren of a site). She'd been asking about "Diggity J" and how she was doing. First my thoughts were, wow! I have a great friend back in the midwest who is wonderful, warm and truly amazing (so glad we met!!). Then I realized I'd not shared the latest and greatest of dear Diggity J.

She has not had a seizure (knock on wood) since she started the Phenobarbital. However, we opted to decrease her to one pill a day (given after supper) to see if that helped decrease (or eliminate) her leaking. She has not leaked since the night I got home from Vegas (right around the time we had started her on one pill a day). She's not drinking as much (YEA). She's normal and nutty. The other great thing (again with the knocking of wood) she's not had a break through seizure, either!

We are hoping she continues and is a one Phenobarbital dog. Dr. H says that she has a few patients who are, and even though the levels, when looking at their lab results, indicate they are not in the "safety zone" they are not having seizures. So we decided to see if she could possibly be one of those dogs. For all the crap she's gone through, we're hoping she really, truly is.

Thank you for all the support and kind words and queries. It really makes me feel good.


Jack K. said...

Give Josie a big old hug from me.
Love ya,

Monika said...

Sometimes it's working with less than prescribed by the vet. It is in Biko's case with her Propalin, and I'm hopeing for Josie, that it will work for her too!

PlazaJen said...

YAY! I'm glad she's doing better. What a relief - for you guys & Miss Josie.