Monday, March 31, 2008

stormy weather

We have some friends (I know, get out!) who have two dogs. Ahi's birthday was Friday and his wife, Michelle, threw him a party on Saturday. It'd been a while since I saw their dogs and I was excited to see both of them.

There is little Vegas, the chihuahua. He's a riot! He does not have little dog syndrome at all. He is a big dog in a little dog body and loves loves loves people! No nipping and growling like most little rat dogs. He's even cuter in a hoodie (normally not a fan of dogs in clothes, but chihuahuas have really thin skin and it's cold here).

Then there is Storm. She is a rescue. She's a mix of wolf and we're not sure what else. Although I see her looking more like a small white shepherd than a wolf. She had a hard life prior to living with Michelle and Ahimsa. The first time I "met" her was through a window and that even had her darting under their deck when she saw me. I had high hopes that she'd be doing better since it'd been a long time since we'd been to their house. I walked in and was surprised to see Storm walking around the house that was full of people, rowdy people. She was walking cautiously, not really letting anyone near. I ignored her. Hardest thing for me to do!!! I would catch her watching me and following every so often. I refused eye contact or touch. MAN! I just wanted to sit down on the floor and snuggle (which would have been too much for her).

So after this dance we did, she came up and sniffed my hand. The sign I was waiting for. I reached down and scritched her ears. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor and she was rolled over on her back letting me rub her belly. I would stop and she would lick my hand!!! I paused and she nudged me to continue. My heart melted Saturday night.

Now here we are on Monday morning and I have even more news and words to write about Storm.

I got a text message yesterday (Sunday) from Michelle asking if we would want to come over again since we didn't have much of a time to chat and visit Saturday. Kev and I said yes, but after the KU game...heart stopping game.

Storm was under the coffee table when we arrived and I ignored her. She stayed there for the first 10-15 minutes we were there and then I think she realized who was at the house. By the end of the night, while the boys were playing Rock Band and Michelle and I were watching silly tv, Storm was sitting on the couch, draped over my lap. My hands, neck and face were damp from all her kisses. I swear, next time I'm taking the camera!!!


Monika said...

How cute, I thought you'are going to say, I swear next time I'll take her home with me. LOL

Jack K. said...

If you don't take your camera and post the pictures I will be heartbroken.

You are a special person.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

awseome story. and yesh, no pics next time and you are in big trouble, missy.

regarding yer comment on my site? you and yer boy are welcome anytime...


Monika said...

No time to find you e-mail. So I'm ansering here. I feel and think a lot like you. Most often I give it as a gift, if someone expresses interest. I'd rather make stuff, have lots of fun doing it, and if someone (I don't like or know to well) wants it, they can choose from existing stuff. Making to order always takes the fun out of things. I've read THOSE books too, but some time ago I told myself, that as long as I can afford my hobby I will not charge for patterns, and so it will be. Dogs are always great when they sleep. Just came back in from a mud slide in the back yard. There's still some snow left though, they hop from one snowy place to the next. :o) Got to go...

bronxbt said...

yesh, you did miss the doggeh pics on my site! i was wondering where you went!?

you 2 really must come visit us. so many puppeh's and friends, so leetle time.