Thursday, February 07, 2008

you don't want to even know

This morning I woke to a soundless house, no rain falling. I fed the critters, gave Josie her pills, and attempted to lay back down. I started thinking about how pretty it was when I let Josie out to peep.

That did it, I was up. Made myself some coffee and came down to check email and such. Josie joined me. We both heard the sound of someone stirring above us. Kev had gotten up early.

We ate breakfast and took Josie to Forest Park. We hiked about the muck and mire and had a great time. Josie was smiling ear to ear. We felt great.

We hit our favorite sandwich place and I ran in to get us lunch. Man, soooo good. After we got done eating we got cleaned up and headed to CostCo. Don't worry, I won't bore you with those details.

We had just all snuggled in on the sofa to watch some tv (and knit). Kev and Josie had been sitting with each other for about 30 minutes when:


Yep. Wide awake. Sitting half on Kev, half on the sofa. The peep pad, in the washer already.

She's been relegated to the floor.


bronxbt said...

two words:

oi vey

PlazaJen said...

OH dadgum it all. Poor Josie.

Monika said...

That's exactly when Biko peed too. When she was relaxed, and sleeping on the sofa either between us or just with one of us. I had to get up last night, after midnight to give her another dose of Propalin, because she had just one, instead of two. Poor Josie!

Becky said...

Ugh, I'm sorry. Have you guys thought about the diaper for her? Kona can be unpredictable, but he's never peed on my furniture yet ...knock on wood...just the floor.