Tuesday, February 12, 2008

these are the days of my life

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have a mess to clean up yesterday when I got home. Kev and I both had been out of the house for far too long so I knew there would be a puddle.

Comforter in washer, peep pad waiting on deck. I let Josie out to peep (yes, she still had to go) and I headed to dinner with some girlfriends.

I was not sure when Kev had gotten home, but when I walked into our room I was pleasantly surprised. NO PEEP! And, Kev had switched the laundry so the comforter was in the dryer (needing its second cycle).

Midnight and I head to bed, letting Josie out one more time (late night for me). At 2:45 Kev comes to bed. Josie'd been sleeping at the foot of his side of the bed.

I don't think I need to tell you what happened. More laundry. Thankfully by that time the comforter was dry and we had the duvet cover dried from a few days prior (it was cold in this house last night).

We go on Friday to talk with our vet about everything. I need to know if there are alternatives to phenobarbital. We will also be getting her diapers if this continues. I can not take it anymore. Mainly I can't take the frustration having to clean everything up all the time. Kev doesn't want to do diapers, I'm sick of the tantrums when she's leaked.

So there you have it.

Dinner with the girlfriends was a blast, though! Alia says Hi Mom and Dad. ;)


bronxbt said...

hey there...

keep in mind that some of this reoccurring behaviour may not be a product of the meds, but of marking tendencies dogs have.

no matter how good a pup is, once it's happened, that spot becomes (or many spots) become a mental MARK that needs to be, well.. revisited.

often they are comfort zones, such as on beds, between two loving pets (you two) and common places she frequents...

so, what i'm getting at is that you may need to replace anything cloth-wise she's marked (no amount of bleaching or cleaning removes all the enzymes and scent) in order to curb some of this behaviour.

... jes' saying. and sorry about the battle you two are fighting. NOT FUN.


PlazaJen said...

I hope you can get it all figured out! shucks!