Tuesday, February 05, 2008


We join the girls as they are in the kitchen. One is sitting with a fat cat on her lap, the other is making lasagna for the three of them (they are waiting for their friend to show up).

Cook (as she is turning the recipe over and clipping it to the hood with a magnetic clip): I really don't know why I am turning this over. I mean, I know the recipe.

*the card, not quite clipped securely, twists and dances, falling gracefully behind the stove*

Cook: CRAP! I don't really know the recipe...I mean, I know the ingredients, but the time and the heat...Let's at least write down the quantities while we have everything still out...

Friend (laughing hysterically): Okay.

end scene


bronxbt said...

last time something like that happened to me, the cheeze all melted prematurely and created an impenetrable roof of cheese that ruined the whole thing.

oi vey... hope yer end results where less "chain saw" involving than mine.


Jack K. said...

Oops! You didn't call home for a quick update or emailed copy.

Hope it turned out right.

Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

The last time I looked behind my oven, I found a mummified mouse.

k said...

heehee. been there, done that. :)