Monday, February 25, 2008

how do i know she missed me?

I got home yesterday from a trip to Vegas for work. It was a great time, albeit tiring. Much was accomplished and money came home with me. Granted it was the same amount I took, but I still look at that as a win. :)

We walked miles upon miles. My feet were not happy, until I got a free pair of my favorite brand of shoes, El Naturalista. Man o Man! So much happier. Of course my shins already hurt and my calf muscles were aching from all the walking the previous days. I will never make the mistake of not taking my favorite pair of boots again. Never.

Josie has pretty much been by my side since I got home. Licking me every chance she gets. I keep telling her to go back to bed (lucky dog) so I can eat my bagel in peace. She goes to the bedroom, but isn't long there...wait, is she jumping into bed?! Hallelujah! A moment to myself.

I missed her too (them all, really) but the neediness thing is a bit much in the morning. Especially when one hasn't had her morning coffee. Speaking of coffee...normally the other buyer and I are hurting for good coffee in Vegas. Staryucks is everywhere. But I don't drink Yucks. Chas discovered a place at the Venetian that served Illy coffee. Yum! I attempted to be coffee free this trip, since I was still getting over my stomach thing, and I did fairly well. I only had one latte in the morning and that wasn't even every morning.

Of course I get home and am out of coffee. UGH, kill me.

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Becky said...

Do tell! How did you get free shoes? My feet are always so tired after going to Vegas -- I gave up trying to wear nice shoes and just wore tennis and flip flops. I went to Texas last week and my dachsund had separation anxiety and kept peeing all over himself while I was gone. Poor Ted had to clean it up, while being sick.