Wednesday, February 27, 2008


When we bought this house there was a full organic garden in the back. No grass what-so-ever. This made me happy as I really don't like to mow grass and I wanted a yard for a garden.

We stopped by Dennis' Seven Dees yesterday to check their seeds out. We knew we wanted to plant lettuce, zucchini, pole beans, and tomatoes (we are getting starts for those). But we opted to also get edamame and baby carrots. Lettuce and baby carrots say to plant prior to the last frost. The other seeds we got say to plant after the threat of frost.

So today, the lettuce and carrots went in. I put long and branchy twigs over the plot after planting to try to keep the birds and other creatures out of them. You know, give the seeds a fighting chance.

In about a week or so, we will probably turn over our crimson clover (a green mulch) to start amending the soil in those plots it came up. I've got the garden all plotted out in my mind and in photoshop. I'm not sure what will go in the bed with the garlic we planted in the fall. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Anyone have favorite tomatoes? I know we are going to plant Bessers. No questions there. We also want a larger type for sandwiches and I'm sure Kev will want Romas again.

But suggestions for larger or others? Jenn, I know JWo is the tomato gardener extraordinare, he have any ideas? :)


bronxbt said...

sorry.. i'mma sucker for 'dem roma's.

'course i make a killer salsa, so it's an obvious match.


k said...

Your blog today reminded me of another friend's blog--but her's is pretty strictly devoted to gardening. She's a bit ADD about the whole thing, so visit at your own risk. :)

I want to garden here, but I've never gotten my act together enough to get a container garden going (the soil here is too too gross to grow much of anything without major amendments, and since we rent....

Anyway. I like romas as well. Less guts. :)

Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

I like Yellow Plum. They are a little milder than the red plums you might see at the store. You can just stand in the garden and eat them like candy.

Jack K. said...

I can hardly wait to learn how the garden grows. I am sure there will be photos to show the progress.

If possible, save some of the goodies for our visit in November.

Becky said...

We had a tiny little planter of tomatoes and peppers last summer on our patio and the peppers were also a nice addition for omelettes and pastas.

PlazaJen said...

Oh, he'll have some ideas. We did a bunch of heirlooms last year & he's already got SCADS of seedlings going for this year. I just sent him a link so he can jump in and offer advice!
(I've been so behind on blogs! Sorry for the late catch-up!)

Anonymous said...

Maters! As far as romas go, I grow several heirlooms, but my favorite is the plain old Roma VF hybrids...very disease resistant and super productive...all the salsa you can handle!

Now for the heirloom slicer maters...Brandywines and Brandywine Reds are great. For something fun and yummy, plant Amana Orange, they produce late, but were the favorites of everyone last year. If you want some heavy producer hybrids, Better Boy or Early girls are fine. Big beef is good too.

For cherries or grapes...skip the heirlooms and get some of the supersweet hybrids.

Whatever you do, don't forget to plant those seedlings DEEP! Pull off all but the top leaves and bury the whole stalk...provides for great root development.