Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the end of it all

A few weeks ago Kev sold a bunch of games on eBay. His idea was to sell games so he could buy Rock Band for the Xbox 360. Yeah, it will be the end of me.

He's at work now and has no clue I'm practicing my drumming skillz. I'm doing okay, but I get flustered a bit easily at times. I'm starting on easy and hoping to move up and wow him with hard or even expert sometime.

Of course he may end up walking in on me while I'm practicing since I'm not 100% sure when he's coming home.

We actually had friends over on Saturday night (the night before I was down for the count for a few days) and had a full on Rock Band, man! It was rad. I sang and played drums as well as bass a bit. I didn't do as well on bass as I normally do on Guitar Hero, but...

I'm thinking it would be a riot to take it to Ahmed's house when we have the summer bbq with the staff (we spoke of doing this while at our holiday party). It could be a riot, since a few of the girls love the game already. :)

Oh yeah, better get back to the drums.


Jack K. said...

Who knew we had a musical wunderkind?

Glad you are getting good. Perhaps when we get there over Thanksgiving you can show us how it is done. Just a thought.

Love ya,


Zoe M. said...

If you lived next door, I'd never leave your house. I wanna play in your ROCK BAND!! As my niece Hannah says, "I'm jello of you!"

xoxox. z.

Becky said...

My drum skills seem to be hit or miss with Rockband. Ted pretty much hogs the guitar so I default to drums or singing. My singing is so bad, but I think I've at least learned how to do the pitch well enough to get the points (I'm just off-key while I do it). Unfortunately, when we have people over, they kind of become drum hogs so I wind up singing the whole time:)