Monday, February 18, 2008

there's a kind of hush...

Man, I don't know what happened, but I was down for the count all day yesterday. We had friends over Saturday night to play Rock Band (which totally rocked) and I had some wine, but not enough to make me get sick all day Sunday. I couldn't hold anything down. I'm pretty sure that I picked up a little bug somewhere along the way.

Thankfully I am feeling about 85% today, well enough to go cover one of the stores. I have the newbie with me so I will be fine, making her do everything. :) I'm a little evil that way. I am sure it is going to be a really long day, though. I can just feel it. You know, that first day back after you've not been feeling well...time stands still.

I had spoken with the other manager about covering for me, if I wasn't feeling better today. When I called him to tell him I would make it, he kept saying "you are sure?" It feels nice that he worries. My guess is that if I start feeling funky again part-way through the day, he'll come and close. But I am going to do my best to be there all day. I may take tomorrow to recuperate a bit more since we leave for Vegas on Wednesday. Work, not me and Kev. I couldn't deal with it if I felt like I do today so I am hoping that I am 100% by then.

I couldn't even knit yesterday, that's how funky I was. I could barely sleep. I had to sit with my head higher than my heart, which made for interesting sleep. By the time last night came around I no longer felt as though I was going to vomit when I laid flat so I went to bed around 8:00. Woke up at about 1:42 and then fell back into odd dreams. So odd I really can't even remember them.

Okay, need to go soon so I can get cat food and something for me to sip on all day (sports drink, anyone?).


bronxbt said...

ooo sweetest shannykins,
i too was whoomped wif' a cold/flu of sorts that kicked my tuckus for 4 dayz.

@ one point, i was so sore/achy i couldn't even type. much less anything important. (hence the no friday fuzziechads results)

sooo, hang in there. be strong. stay warm, overkill on vitC and you'll be bettah.. i promise


Monika said...

It's aweful to not be able to get fully well before hitting the work place again. I hope you'll be better soon.
We had an accident the Josie kind, with Biko last night. That is this morning, when I came down, there was a big puddle on her blanket. She's drinking like a sailor and peeing like a horse, darn meds. I wonder if I have to set the alarm clock to let her out once during the night...

Jack K. said...

I know you are feeling better. We could tell it in your voice when you called.

Take it easy and have a good time in Vegas.

Love ya,