Thursday, February 28, 2008

what's that expression?

Right this very minute Kevin is in the bathroom with our son. It is either going to become very stinky very soon or we are going to have one very pissed off cat from having his booty messed with.

For a little while now Simon has had this aura about him. An aura of stink. He's like a four legged Pig Pen.

The stench has been remarkable.

Well, Kev just came out from "working one of them" for a short time. Simon is not happy and Kev feels a bit weird. I am sure that images are coming to minds and I'm hoping you all are laughing as much as I am...

If Simon continues the Boot Scootin' Boogy, as we call it, we'll have to take him to see the vets. They are not going to like us very much and I have a feeling that the response most vets give us about him (He's so calm and easy to do things to) will not be the same.

We shall see...


bronxbt said...

shannykins... you may want to consider having yer pets tested for allergies.

seems like a lot of recent animal-related issues have been tied in to/possibly attributed to a new house and new location? also, any previous pets in there coulda' left a bounty of smells and "issues' that new pets jes' love to catch.

jesta thought.

either way, GROSS and hope the smell recedes...

oi vey

Kris Harris said...

I thought only dogs had that problem. I can't believe you (well, Kevin) are willing to tackle it at home. Mable has that trouble from time to time and there's no way I'd fix it myself.

Whenever I hear "Ashton Kutcher" it makes me giggle and think of an imaginary band of dog musicians called the Asstown Schoochers. They also have this problem.

Did I mention I started a new blog?

Oh, yeah, Shelly has become a knitting maniac in the past two months.