Monday, December 31, 2007

the best of nights

Sitting here, dinner prep done so that when our friends and Kevin are all here I can begin cooking. A simple chicken with penne and red sauce with steamed broccoli and wheat rolls on the side. I am doing a bit of adding to the jarred sauce. It's a red pepper and garlic sauce, but I'm adding sauteed mushrooms (white and portabello).

Since I decided to play it smart and clean right after I got home, I now have the time to sit and reflect.

2007 was a great year, indeed. We made some amazing friends. We bought this incredible house. We have done wonderful things.

I am looking forward to ringing in the new year with our friends tonight. We met them through mutual friends. We hit it off slowly. Jess and I would only see each other at our friend Jenn's randomly. Then one of the times we swapped numbers. It's all just fit into place. Erik, Jess and Kev are my game nerds. I love them all.

When we first moved to Portland Kevin said the one thing he missed was friends that made him laugh. I had my two closest girl friends here. He had me. I did my best to make him laugh, but I could see that he was lonely for his pals. It broke my heart.

Since then we've met some amazing people and my heart is full. We miss our dear ones who live all over this country, but we are happy we've made the family we have here.

It makes sense to ring in the new year with new(ish) friends.


Cari said...

Happy New Year!

Jack K. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Glad to learn that Kev has some friends who make him laugh. He has such a great laugh.

Happy New Year!!!



PlazaJen said...

Happy New Year to you & yours...... may there always be more laughter!

bronxbt said...

what more could you possibly ask for? you, my dear, are in a good place...



Becky said...

Glad to hear that things are working out for the both of you. It's always hard moving to a new place and I, too, feel like I'm getting to that point where I've truly made some new "friends." It seems to take longer, the older we get.