Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trying something new

I have decided that since I enjoy when I hear responses to my comments at other blogs, I would attempt to do something along the same vein. However, I can't always reply directly (since blogger eats some email addresses) so I figured I would respond to comments IN the comments. We'll see how long it lasts. :) Anyone want to start making bets?
Today is Halloween. All Hallows Eve. The Hallow weenies will be out. However we don't know how many to expect in our new hood. I bought three small bags of candy. I figure if we give it all out, next year we buy four.

Our pumpkins are carved. We'll have to try to get a shot of them tonight when they are all lit. Two are fantastic, one is lame lame lame (the one I carved at the punkin carving party). Kev was away on an overnight business trip to Cali. He got home last night and noticed I'd carved the third one. I think it will look pretty cool, all lit up.
There was a dead bird on our back patio. The one the giant window in the kitchen looks over. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that he flew into said window. At least the way he was laying on the patio led me to believe it was so. Poor bird.
Josie's doing much better. She's not on the meds for seizures yet, but her skin is looking (and feeling) fantastic. She's much less itchy, she's not super greasy, and she's not rubbing alongside the bed as much (although she still does some because she's nutty). We're holding off on the seizure meds until she's done with the two she's on for her skin. After that, she goes back in for a re-exam and we discuss further. Kev will be going with me to the next one.
I actually got to sleep in until 8:00 this morning. I have no idea why Simon didn't start in until then, but I will take it on a day off. The morning is foggy and cold. The perfect day to sit, sip, and knit. Speaking of that, I'm off. Chloe's blanket isn't going to knit itself!


StarSpry said...

I'm glad to hear Josie's doing better!

Kellan said...

We had a dead duck (???) on our back sidewalk yesterday (I have a post coming about that) - and we never got our 4 pumpkins carved (?) - you are a good mom. Have a great Halloween - see ya.

bronxbt said...

and we jes enjoy hearing from you dearest....

or when you vote... heh heh heh


Becky said...

So glad to hear that Josie's doing better -- it's so tough when they can't "tell" you what's going on or how they feel.

I've been in a condo for the past five years so I've had one trick or treater in all that time. I kind of miss it but other people I know in houses have said that kids don't seem to be doing it that much nowadays.

shannon said...

starspry- Thank you. I'm pretty glad my girl is seeming to be doing better, too.

kellan- Eep! I'm glad you think I'm a good mom, even if it is "just" to some animals. :) The third pumpkin got carved! No photos though. :(

bronxbt- I try to update as often as I feel it. Voting...well, some days it is amazing I can even make toast.

Becky- I wish they could speak at times of feeling ill. Cats are harder to tell, though. I agree with the other people you know, we got a few, but not near as many as I'd hoped for. At least we did deplete the candy supply a little bit. ;)