Saturday, October 13, 2007

whole new world

First I must say THANK YOU to my parents for coming out here for ten days of hard. ass. work.

The house, is perfect. Things are up on the walls, it has the lived in for years feeling. It is home. We couldn't have gotten here so quickly without your help, Mom and Dad. Thank you.

Second...this neighborhood. It's great! I just got back from chatting with Brett (the man who owns the house across the street from us...our house faces the side of his house). He gave me a quick tour of his backyard. We spoke of how quiet this place is compared to where we moved from. Then, the people who live in the beautiful grey house across the street from him (and two doors down) were driving off and giving him trouble. Telling me if he gave me problems to come to their house! :) They are close to our age and seemed fun. I will have to pop by at some point to meet them.

It is wild living in a neighborhood where the neighbors are friendly and look out for each other.


I will get some photos up soon. Dad, I hate to tell you but the cd you burned for me? Yeah, the ones labeled with our address (1, 2 and 3) all were empty. The one labeled "reunion" or something, had the first few photos you took of the house. So...thanks for trying. :)

Okay, going to go get a drink, check on the oven and start dinner.

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Jack K. said...

You are welcome. We enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with you both.

Oh Crap! I'm sorry about the photos. I will try to send them a few at a time via email.

Glad to know your are getting to meet your neighbors. That's my daughter.


Love ya,

Dad & Mom