Saturday, October 06, 2007

not quite dead yet

We are still alive. In fact, Dad has posted a couple of before and after photos at his blog.

I picked them up on the 2nd. We haven't sat down since. In fact, right now is the first moment of real rest and time to not think about where I want to put things. They are downstairs in the Cave (family room) watching (snoozing to) HGTV. Dad was up here doing crosswords with me while I was knitting. Yes, I was knitting! I have the sweetest little nook in my living room that has my stash (that's yarn folks) and all my books. It's great. I'm making a market bag with some variegated tape type yarn a friend brought back from London. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with it until I realized it was the perfect stuff for a market bag.

We've made curtains (well, altered ones we had at the old house for about a minute). We have hung various paintings, mirrors, artwork. We have gone to the grocery store about one billion times. However, that stopped today. Because today we received our new fridge!!! It's big. It's beautiful. It's here!!! We went top mount fridge with a drawer freezer.

I have found the camera but have yet to take photos. Keep checking back or looking at Dad's place for things.

Right now, I think I am going to go grab some water and sit...while doing nothing!

I can tell you this, though. I've thoroughly enjoyed having my parents here. It's been fun and exhausting all at once. They're here until Friday the 12th. They are amazing people. Go go go! That energizer bunny has got NOTHING on them!!!


PlazaJen said...

you are bizzy bizzy!

Just don't let Josie figure out that freezer drawer. ;) I read about a yellow lab that figured it out & had an entire frozen turkey one day while his owners were at work! Hoooooey. Cleanup in Aisle 12!

Alison said...

Very crafty! (I don't have your e-mail to reply to you privately, but thanks. :)

StarSpry said...

It's great that your parents are there to help with the house (their energy sounds like my parents)!

Nice before & after of the front of your house :)

I'm glad you've finally got a little time to relax and knit!

Monika said...

That's funny! It's lovely to have such active parents! I can't belive you are knitting! ;o)

Jack K. said...

Slave driver. guffaw, snerx.

We are loving every muscle-tiring moment of it. I admit we were a bit apprehensive when we first saw the photos on the internet. However, being here and watching it metamorphose has been wonderful.

There will be more photos soon, if I can get a moment. tee hee

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

cannot WAIT to see the pics.
sorry my time off didn't coincide with an ability to come see you and your house and 'da family!


stay wonderful... and i'm back btw.. on both sites with pics on one and votes on the other.

be well..


Becky said...

Glad things are going well and that your'e having a great time. Don't feel guilty about not posting -- we'll still check back:)