Sunday, October 14, 2007

get out!

No, that is not a directive to anyone who is in my house, who was in my house, or who is coming to my house.

I was reading my favorite blogs today and found out that Brainy Lady has the same birthday as me! Not only that, but she's 35 today, TOO!!! Happy Day, Brainy Lady!

Today has consisted of me getting woken by the phone (no worries Mom and Dad) after getting to sleep in a bit (Kev got up and fed the critters). We then had a lovely small breakfast and headed up to Mt. Tabor to walk around with the Digs (aka Josie). Got home and started in on a few things here. I made a few phone calls to the stores to check on the kids at work but they all said they were fine. So, I organized the cd racks while Kev worked on a project my sister asked him if he'd be interested in doing.

Tonight we have a couple of friends coming over (oh, soon!) to hang and play games. Which means I really should put on some pants. LOL


Cari said...

Not only is it the birthday of my beloved little brother (31 today) and the birthday of one of my dear friends (La Brainy), but it's your birthday too! Cool!

Happy happy birthday in your fabulous new home!

k said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday.

Now. Where are our photos???


StarSpry said...

Happy belated birthday!

I hope it was a great one :)

Alison said...

Happy birthday to you, too, Shannon! So I guess we're basically the same person, right? Wow.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Shannon! Sorry I'm a day late (I never blog on weeekends:( You have the same birthday as one of my oldest friends as well. Popular day!

PlazaJen said...

Happy Belated B'day!!!! (I'm a couple days behind....danged puppy!)
Your house looks great, too. What a great way to kick off YOUR new year! May it be filled with love, joy & happiness!