Thursday, October 25, 2007

thank you

Well Josie's appointment went well. We've got blood work being done and are waiting to see what the labs tell us.

Dr. H thinks that it would be worth it to start her on Phenobarbital, but we'll wait until the results are in from the lab and after Kev and I have a chance to talk. She said that yes, it will make her dopey and possibly uneasy on her feet, although she has met a few dogs that it did not have that affect on. In a few weeks after starting it we should see her return to her normal self. We'll have to put a gate up on the stairwell leading to the basement, just so she doesn't fall down while we are not home.

We are waiting until she finishes the round of antibiotics and antihistamines she's on for her skin condition that won't. go. away! Dr. H said that she's read of cases where allergies have caused seizure activity, but she's never had a case. Can we say we'd like to be that case? If we get her skin issues under control and she doesn't have any seizures, we'd wait a bit longer to start her on the Phenobarb. If she has one, and her skin is clear, we'll start questions asked.

Thank you for your support and loving words. Josie is my very first dog. She's spoiled me for any other dog we will have in the future. She's been easy. She's been trying. She loves me with all she knows. And I love her more than that.


Monika said...

My Sam had a bacterial skin infection this summer. After three weeks of pills, he's fine now. No noticable side effects. Our Biko has to get medication for her incontinene. She's been like that since she was 4 month old, nobody knows why. The meds show now side effects with her either. I think it depends on the dog, and how healthy it is (other then the problem they have to take the meds). I wish you all that it is the allergy, and nothing else.

bronxbt said...

she's in the very best possible care... you 2.


Persico said...

Oh Shan, I hate to see you hurting.

Bronxbt is right... she's in the best possible care.

I hope things mellow and work out for you soon. A girl has to have her pup.

Lots of love your way.

PlazaJen said...

I'm glad that you have a vet you trust & are feeling more reassured. I hope that Miss Josie can be on the right meds to keep her steady & going for many, many more hikes with you in the future! :hugs:

Jack K. said...

You are lucky to have each other. You bring much joy and love to each other.

That goes for Kev too.

Here's hoping and wishing for the allergies to clear up and you find you don't need to use the pheno..