Friday, October 26, 2007

hang eighteen

I got home last night from an amazing and wonderful yoga practice (still wondering if I will have one that is not either of those things). I was ravenous. I informed Kev that we really needed to eat and we needed to do it SOON.

He and I joked around a bit before he put on his shoes, I put my jeans back on (I came home wearing yoga pants people...minds out of my bedroom!), and we were off.

When we'd left, Simon was lying next to (halfway on) my laptop. The screen was up so he was resting his head on the keyboard. When we got home, we were wondering how he navigated himself here:

I have no idea.

Kev said he was probably trying to get someone to send him food. I joked that if we started getting kitty porn in the mail he was grounded. The cats keep things interesting. Hell, so does the dog!

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