Saturday, September 29, 2007


My dear friend called tonight. She needed an ear to bend and someone to hug. She's going through a break up right now. Well, they are on a break. We know how that normally works out (although if there are any readers out there with on a break stories where they-or friends-ended up together i'm happy for you).

I had just started making the beef stew for dinner. I'd hoped to have it done shortly after Kev got home but forgot that it takes about two hours to cook. Anyway, she called and asked if I was home. I told her to come over.

We were in the kitchen so I could keep an eye on dinner while we chatted over a glass or two of wine. I hope she feels as home here as I do. I want my house to be warm and inviting and comfortable for all my friends and family.

I gave her a hug and told her she always had a home with us. When she needs to be in the company of others, we are here for her. Whenever.

In just a couple of days my parents will get to see this beautiful space we are lucky enough to call home. We will winterize my garden, decorate, eat, drink, share. I can hardly wait!


Jack K. said...

See you tomorrow.



Becky said...

Well, I hope your friend's story turns out to be one of the ones with a happy ending. Congrats on moving in to the new place:)