Monday, October 22, 2007

co 70 sts

I decided to knit Chloe a blanket. I had some Cascade 220 superwash that was going to be for a different project, but Dad got a scarf made out of softer yarn instead.

I was all kinds of going on the blanket. I was even cabling! I've never done a cable knit. I've attempted, I've tried to swatch, I've never succeeded in really doing it though. So what did I decide to knit in Chloe's blanket?!


I was whizzing right along when I realized the damn things weren't making the lovely little cable that we all know from those preppy sweaters. I popped open my knitting guide book and yep, I was cabling every fourth row which would result in a rope like cable instead of every sixth, which is the fluid cable. Thankfully I was only on my third round of the repeat when I realized this.

Froggie went a courtin'.


bronxbt said...

perhaps you could make some fishnet stockings or something... those are loosely cabled or whatever...

it'd be funny to make fuzzy ones tho... outta normal knitting stuff... giggle


k said...

english please?