Monday, September 10, 2007


I suppose it would have been a smart idea to figure out where we were supposed to go to sign the paperwork for the sale of our little gem this morning...BEFORE this morning.

We're rescheduling for Wednesday because by the time we figured out where we had to go, it was too late to be able to get there and back in time for me to be to work at the outlet. BAH!

This is why Alia likes to close for sale and purchase with the same company. She says you can often sign both sets of papers at the same time, eliminating the run around and confusion of where you are running to.

Ah well. Wednesday will be a full day. We have the electrician coming at 8:00 in the morning and then later in the afternoon we'll head out to the title company to sign. Sadly it won't be with Kara (Alia's favorite at Fidelity), but at least we will be one step closer to our goal.

The one thing that has worked out during all this? Kev has run to the store to get cereal for him and bagels for me. Otherwise, I'd have had a breakfast of French Press. And a girl can't live on coffee alone.


bronxbt said...

i dunno sweetie... there's something to be said about a really good french press...



Jack K. said...

French press is excellent, and with a bagel it is the food & drink for the Gods.