Sunday, September 09, 2007

not often

It's rare that I allow myself to have a day of doing nothing. Normally we are doing laundry while vacuuming and picking up the house. Sometimes we help each other. Like today we're only doing laundry-because we have to be clothed this week-and that, we're doing together. Sometimes we fly solo (I love it when the cleaning bug bites Kev in the ass).

Today has become a pj day for us. I did not wake thinking it would be, but we honestly had no plans with anyone today and with the move coming...let's just say we've become a smidge lax in our house cleaning ways. I think I just heard my mom faint. :)

We do have some more boxes to pack (only the cave and the kitchen left), but honestly if I pack more of the kitchen we'll be standing over the sink eathing things that only come in pocket form and are microwaveable.

When I began packing the kitchen last weekend, I looked in the dishwasher first to see how full it was. It was close to needing to be run so I figured those dishes would stay out. Obviously we use them often enough for them to be dirty (aside from the two colanders that had potatoes die in them). In addition to those dishes I kept out some essentials just in case we wanted to actually cook something. Which we recently have.

Kev's got a bite taken out of the closet in the cave. The dvd's, video games, and board games are all boxed and labeled. Ready to be taken to our new cave (which he keeps talking about with a far away look in his eye). We are kind of stalking the new house. We drive by almost every time we go anywhere in its vicinity. Still not 100% sure when we are closing, but it is either the 20th or 24th.

So I am allowing myself to relax, not think about anything, just be.The last time I'll have a pj day in this house. It's beautiful outside and with the windows open we are getting a lovely breeze (why didn't we replace that window sooner?). I'm listening to all the sounds that we get to live with for the next couple of weeks. Some I enjoy (like the sound of the bat hitting the baseball). Some I am ready to be without (can anyone say sirens and lilac bushes I'm horribly allergic to?).

I hope all are doing well. I might turn off the cell for a nap so if you call, Mom...I'll call you back.

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Becky said...

You guys are making quite a bit of progress -- you still have almost two weeks and you already have most things in boxes!? I love having PJ days myself and have to force it every once in a while, just to catch up on my R&R.