Wednesday, September 12, 2007

date is set

Wow, in exactly two weeks we'll be in the process of moving! Guys are hired, truck is rented, utilites set up.

We had the electrician out to the house this morning to take care of a few last things on our repair addendum. He was great. Got things done well and quickly. Didn't cost both arms and legs, just one leg.

We go out this afternoon to sign the paperwork for the sale of our little gem of a house. We've got the check for Greg for the rent back of two weeks. I also wrote a note saying we've got the utilities coming out of our name on the 28th except the trash, which we are paying for through the 2nd and could he take the bins out to the curb for us on the 1st? :) If he says hell no, then I'll drag them out on the 30th, but I seriously doubt he'll be a jerk.

It's all happening. It's wild and exciting and scary and fantastic all at once.

The cats will be sad when we no longer live among boxes, but they'll get over it when they see the hummingbirds that frequent the backyard at our new house.


bronxbt said...

i am so happy for you two, as well as your fuzzie menagerie of animalee-goodness.

i can vouch for animalz being interested in hummingbirds. at our old house, we had one that the kittenz jes' lurved to stare at, and stare at, and stare at... well, you git' the point!


StarSpry said...

Wow, how exciting! It's coming up fast now.

Yes, the cats should love the hummingbirds :)