Saturday, September 29, 2007

posts are fleeting

Last night in bed I was thinking of a great idea for a post. It would be grand. It would be the best post ever. It was fleeting because now it is gone. I even said to myself last night, "well, another post that won't get written, nor remembered in the morning."

Things are shaping up here at the homestead. Kev keeps wandering around saying, "I really love this house" to me. I keep saying, "I do too!"

The only thing I don't like? The fact that there are boxes still. I know, it's not even been a week since we moved in. However, I lived among boxes the last month at the old house. I can't stand cardboard right now. It dries out my hands, makes my nose twitch, and really is not doing anything esthetically for the decor.

My parents get here in three days. The bed is almost made (sorry Mom, I know you said you had sheets to bring but I found our blue sheets in one of the boxes and can't have you coming into a room with an unmade bed) in their room. Furniture is arranged, but nothing on the walls or any decorative touches. The way I am thinking, we can do a bit of work on the garden (between the rains) and when it is raining, decorate my house! I know that my mom will love this idea!

My favorite thing, right now? The fact that I am sitting at my writing desk in the living room upstairs while writing here. The router is downstairs in the new cave and my connection isn't dreadfully IS comcastic. Damn! ;)

Okay, must go finish getting ready for work. Even though work is pesky and gets in the way of organizing things, it's a nice break from said things.

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Jack K. said...

Your mother will be pleased to know that you were able to find your sheets in the many boxes you brag about.

Is cardboard a new decorating motif? giggle.

I figure we will have a lot to do when we get there and the rains will not stop us.

We can hardly wait.

Love ya,