Thursday, September 27, 2007

tired doesn't even begin to describe

We are in. We've been in. We're exhausted.

The house is really coming together. The bedroom was the first to get put together by me and the cave by Kev. It feels great to have two rooms done. The kitchen is almost done, but there is one more box of random kitchen stuff to unpack. It's got the crock we need for the cooking utensils. I've been wanting that crock all day because as it is, right now they are all hanging out in a box. Yeah, not the look we're going for.

Okay, off to watch dumb tv and just sit.

I'll get photos as soon as we find the camera.


bronxbt said...

you guys are really making it happen! hell... you already have! congratulations and i cannot wait to someday see the place for reeeeal!?

*hugz* tty all in a week or so.


Jack K. said...

Be sure to rest up for our visit. We can hardly wait.

Love ya,