Sunday, September 02, 2007

oh baby i'm so tired

Kev, Josie and I just got home a little bit ago from a long walk. Where did we walk, you ask? Well to the new house and back. It was a lovely (long) walk. Josie is currently crashed out. Kev's playing some video game. I'm chatting online with a dear friend.

Kev and I will just blurt out things that are floating around inside our heads about the new house. Something I just said:

"I think it's sweet that the first few things that my mom is worried about and asking about are things that pertain to Josie. Like we need to get a fence built first so Josie is safe in the backyard. And will Josie be okay with the stairs, will she slip and hurt herself? I really didn't realize that Mom loves Josie as much as she does."

Thanks Mom!


Jack K. said...

Mom says, "You're welcome."

Dad says, "We just didn't want to have to clean up dings in the walls and floors from a slipping diggedy. tee hee, snerx."

Love ya,

Dad & Mom

bronxbt said...

hey there..
i don't recall who makes 'em, but petsmart and petco-type of places have those air freshners for dogs and cats that has a calming effect on them... CONSIDER getting one for each breed and plug 'dem into yer new home.

trust me.. transitions like that on cats will cause them to "mark" a new home, and for an aging puppers, even more issues can ensue... so be careful!

hugs to you and yours!


shannon said...

Thanks for the suggestion, B. I have no worries about our two, though. Chloe has moved across country with us as well as when we moved into the house from the apt. She's never marked anything in her life.

Simon, he's never marked anything, either.

I don't have any worries about my two being cranky and marking things. We'll take them over after all our things are there, so it will smell mostly like us.

Thanks, though. I will probably use Rescue Remedy in their water for a little while, though...