Sunday, September 02, 2007

four down, forty to go

The kitchen pack up has commenced. I've gotten four boxes done today. Kev's going to work on the cave after he's done taking a shower. I will be taking a break. There are certain items we can't pack yet, such as food. That and cook wear. Although I can pack up certain items we won't be using between now and then. I suppose I will pack a few more boxes today before really resting.

I might have to take a nap, though. Getting up at my regular time on a day off kind of is no fun. I'm the one the animals wake to feed them, though. I've attempted to tell Kev in the past that he's got breakfast duty, but often times he sleeps straight through them. OR if he does get up to feed them I end up getting up then, too. Which leads to the questions of why he's having to feed them if I was going to get up anyway.

We are making headway with the whole packing thing, though. The sewing room is all done, except the things hanging on the walls. I will possibly take the artwork down throughout the house later today. I can use a box to house what is left (we took many photos down and they are already packed up at Jill and Mark's).

I am ready to move. Kev is, too. Last night on our drive home I made a comment of "we'd be home by now if we were in our new house." To which Kev replied, "I can't wait!!!" As time gets closer and closer we are getting more excited about the move. I've only had a couple of pangs of sadness about leaving our little gem of a home, but honestly...they are fleeting. The new space is so great. Greg is going to love living in this little gem. He is perfect for it and it for him.

I'm done being consumed by all this house stuff, though. I'm ready to move so I can figure out where my knitting will be housed. I'm ready to move so I can actually pull out the knitting and knit! It feels like eons since I have done any. I have a couple of things on the needles that I didn't pack right now. One was being used as a staging item. The other I picked up because I needed to knit something. Fingers were going through withdrawal. I may have to pick the staging knitting up today and get cracking. It's a gift for someone I love dearly. ;)

Okay, break taken...back to packing.


Jack K. said...

It was great talking to you this AM.

I know just how you feel about moving. It is sad to leave the place with so many memories.

It is great to contemplate the new memories. You are already doing it by planning your knitting regimen.

See you next month this time.

Love ya,


Monika said...

Can't wait to see some of your knitting, and read knitting content posts as well. When reading your posts about the impending move, I get all wired, like having too much coffee, and I don't drink coffee, it feels like I have to move too. ;o)