Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the time draws near

Soon, when you come to this site to read what words I have written down, you won't see anything about the sale and purchase of our home(s). I look forward to writing the posts about what funny things we learn about our new place. I crave figuring out how it is all going to be put together. I dream of color.

We got the word that the seller is agreeing to each of the things we asked her to fix before closing. There were two large things needing attention (the oil tank and the sewer). We are allowing more time until the close date. We are thankful that we asked for the full two weeks of renting back our little gem. We're not sure what date we will close on our new house, but we're thinking about a week later than originally thought.

We will probably be moving the week of the 24th. The week before my parents come out to help with who knows what. I can hardly wait...but wait I must.


Jack K. said...

Huzzah! The time is drawing closer. We, too, are getting anxious about the visit.

It will be interesting to discover the colors you have chosen. We have been paying attention to wall colors on all of the HGTV shows we watch.

Your mother did have a great time at the Glidden site playing with the colors.

Take care, see you soon.

Love ya,


shannon said...

i am certain your home will be filled quickly with love and happiness!


(from a reader who has not been able to comment but makes me feel good)

StarSpry said...

I'm glad the owner will be taking care of everything you asked for. Less for you to worry about :)