Saturday, September 01, 2007

bringing toaster back

I have been without my beloved toaster since two weeks prior to listing the house. For those of you who don't know how long it's been, since the end of June! Why, you may ask, did I pack up the toaster and send it into exile in Jill's garage? Because we were making the kitchen look more spacious and less cluttered. It worked, I admit that. However, I MISS TOASTY BAGELS! I'm eating a bagel right now. It's been broiled. Not. the. same.

I keep thinking "not much longer, two and a half weeks." That is what sustains me and keeps me from going to Jill's house and raiding their garage. The thing is, it's a big toaster. Probably too big for the new kitchen. So in theory I could go out and buy a smaller toaster now, just to be ready. But probably is the key word. I just don't know. If I bought a toaster now only to find that my original fit just fine, I'd be out the money. And I know ya'll won't believe this, doesn't grow on trees or even sprout out of the ground of my new garden.

So I wait. Getting more and more impatient by the day for a real toasty bagel. One that is crunchy on the outside and soft in the center.


Monika said...

Mmmh, you make me hungry. Haven't had a bagel in some time, but I do have a toaster, wish I had both right now! ;o)

Jack K. said...

It must be time for breakfast soon. I'm thinking mushroom, onion, cheese omelet. With toasted home made wheat bread that is too crumbly.

Oops, bad dad, I mentioned toast. I hope there will be a toaster on your new counter when we get there next month.

Yipes, it is only A month until we see you all. I may have to get really excited.

Love ya,