Sunday, September 16, 2007

don't box me in

T minus three days until we sign the paperwork (which will turn our hands into claw like appendages for all the signing we will do). Five until we get to get in the house. I'm down to counting on one hand.

When I have something I am looking forward to and am counting down the days, I like to have the visual of how many days that is. Being down to ONE hand is an exciting time for me. Nerdy, I suppose. But it is me. :)

We took a break from packing last night and went out to eat with our friends, Jess and Erik. We ate at a great place in NoPo (that's North Portland) and then headed to their house for some Wii action! Kev and I dominated the tennis courts, but he was really carrying me. When Jess and I teamed up, we got schooled.

It was a fun night. I can't wait to have them over to the new place to play Wii on our system. The only time they've ever been over was when the house has been in disarray because of the packing. They are new-ish friends to us. We met them through mutual friends. Anyway, they know we don't enjoy the living among boxes of our stuff so they invited us over for a retreat of sorts.

I feel bad, leaving the critters behind, but what are you going to do? Josie would have been okay to take, but the cats...not so much. They would have tried to eat Marquez (Jess's bird) and I'm not sure how Zelda (their dog) would have reacted to them. I don't know how Josie and Zelda would get along, either. Zelda is a bit younger and much more playful. Josie just doesn't know how to play with other dogs. She's kind of played with two dogs before, but we don't hang out with those dogs humans anymore.

I am heading to work shortly. I've got to work the next two Sundays, which kind of sucks since we could have used next weekend to move move move. However, by moving on a Wednesday, we're getting 15% off the truck rental and the guys who we hired to do the heavy lifting cost less, too. So really it's not all that sucky. I will be taking the next two Saturdays off so that Jill and I can prime and paint our living room before my parents get here on the 2nd of October. It's the only thing I really want to have done. Mom and I will arrange furniture when they are here. I will have the kitchen set up, most likely, though.

As enthralling as this post has been, I'm sure you have better things to go and read or do. So, until next time...

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