Wednesday, September 19, 2007

signed sealed and almost delivered

We have signed the paperwork. By Friday we will be able to be in! I'm not excited what-so-ever, I am sure you can tell.

Debbie and Alia were both there (mortgage broker and realtor respectively) and made it easy and fun. They both looked over things, put their two cents in when they felt necessary and generally made our lives much easier.

We have one key and Nancy will be leaving the others behind. I am hoping we get to meet her on Friday. I'm going to go by a bit early so I can chat with her (Alia said that Nancy was hoping to meet us before leaving). I wrote her a card, just in case we don't cross paths. We're going to stop by and drop it in the mailbox today on our way to buy a washer and dryer.

We're ready. 100% ready. Okay, maybe not 100%, but we are close and almost fully packed. We just have to make a few more arrangements (the 1800-got-junk truck to be booked) and we'll be set to jet.



Becky said...

Congratulations -- look forward to seeing the pictures of when you're all moved in and settled:)

Monika said...

I can feel your excitement! So close .... ;o)

StarSpry said...

Congratulations! You're so close; how exciting for you :)