Saturday, September 22, 2007

again with the tired

I've moved many things today with the help of some pretty amazing people. Kev worked until about 2:30 today and up until that time Jill was my right hand girl. Shannon came over to meet the house and helped us with a HUGE load of boxes. I swear, she drives a clown car or something. Every time she'd leave the "rental" with another box Jill and I figured she'd take it to the Subaru eventually. Nope, fourteen bagillion boxes all fit in her sedan.

So after the loading in of all those boxes, Jill and I finally got to priming the house. She cut in and I rolled with the paint stick (after running to pick Kev up). The paint stick, best invention ever! The living room has now got two coats of primer on the walls and Kev just finished taping the place. We opted to not tape prior to priming because enough of the red had gotten on the trim and eventually Jill and I will paint the trim.

We took Jill home, went by the house to feed the crew and pick up Josie, went to the Deep Hole to pick up two gallons of green paint before heading back to the house to start painting. At that point we'd not taped so...painting will happen tomorrow. We did, however, pick a blue for the bedroom and I'll pick that up on Monday (hoping that Powell Paint is open on Mondays). We're hoping to get the bedroom painted on Tuesday so that it is easier without all the furniture in the space.

The spare room will wait, because we've not figured out the paint colors. I'm waiting for Mom and Dad to come and help with colors for it. The hall will eventually be painted as well, and we've got the color chosen for it. There just isn't enough time to paint everything we need to, which is really the whole house, before we move in.

I have almost all of the kitchen unpacked. Just one more box of "wine glasses and random stuff" which has been deemed "very fragile" and the stuff here we are living with. I am sure Mom will help me organize things a bit better, but I do feel good about having as many boxes unpacked as I do.

The funniest thing of the night? Josie. Every single time we'd go to the basement, she RAN downstairs with us and would wiggle. She likes the basement...who knew?

Okay, I'm tired and ready to go drink some water before heading to bed. Tomorrow, I work at Tanasbourne (the furthest store from me) 11-6. Then, paint baby!!!

Will share pics as time allows and they are taken. :)


Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

Yeep! This is so exciting!

Jack K. said...

Thanks for the update.