Sunday, September 23, 2007

the word of the day

We got to the house by about 7:15 tonight. Not enough time to paint two coats in the living room, but enough to paint the first coat and tape off the bedroom. We're going to head over tomorrow after we're off work and paint the second coat in the living room and the first coat in the bedroom. This gives us time Tuesday night to paint the second coat in the bedroom in preparation for moving in on Wednesday.

I must say, it's hard to come back to our first little gem each night since Friday. Kev wants to take sleeping bags tomorrow, but I can tell you...that ain't gonna happen! I needs to sleep in a bed. Especially before having to unload and "reload" a store these next two days.

What is that, you ask? Well, we are closing one of our stores at work tomorrow around 2:00. We will be unloading all the clog racks so that the racks can be removed and the store can be painted. Tuesday we are closed all day so we can install the new clog racks and load them back up with clogs.

So yeah, I'm exhausted working on being spent and heading towards incapacitation.


bronxbt said...

nice chatting with you a bit online this AM as i'm sure you sipped some beanage and prepped for yer day!

soooo happy for you all! still not sure if i'll be able to make it down there in time to see you and yer fam... but i'll try. (it almost coincides too closely with my kentucky trip...)

either way: you, hubbers, and the 4-legged menagerie deserve the best!!!!



Jack K. said...

And the word is.....


After all of this moving you will be tired but happy and it will all be worth it.

Love ya,

Dad & Mom