Friday, September 21, 2007

and we're in!

We moved almost all of the stuff that was at our friends house for the past four months (Thanks Jill and Mark). We have two more loads to take over tomorrow. Kev works in the morning, but I am off all day. Jill and I are going to prime the living room and probably take a few more loads over. Our goal (Kev and my) is to have all the boxes taken over so that the guys who are moving us just have furniture to move.

The house is perfect. It's just lovely. It's home.

There are still tomatoes on the vine. There are some ears of corn ripe for the picking. There was a lovely note waiting for us when we got in. The garden is organic, from the beginning. She wished us love, health, rest and nourishment in the home they called their "own paradise" for many years. It is our own little paradise.

We already got welcomed to the neighborhood by Francesca and Sophie (neighbor and her dog). It's just home.

Thanks for all the excitement everyone. I can't wait to get the pictures taken and loaded to share with you all!!!


k said...

Grats Shanny! I'm excited to see photos too..don't forget to do before *and* after shots! Can't wait to see what your beautiful creative brain does with the place. :)

Jack K. said...

We can hardly wait to get up to Portland to see your new home.

We know we are going to have a great time.

Love ya,


Cari said...

Congrats! Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing the photos.