Thursday, August 09, 2007

when will i learn to listen?

I had just laid down with the 4th Harry Potter book (am starting from the beginning and rereading the whole series) and was happily reading away. It was about 4:30. My phone rang. My friend Rachel invited me to a cookout and then to watch her brother play kick ball. I was in!

I get to Rachel and Aaron's house before loading up into their car to head to her bro's house in NoPo (North Portland). I thought, before getting into their car, "I should really drive...might have to get the dog out." Did I listen? NO!

We are there not even five minutes when my phone rings. Of course I can get the dog out so you can take your clients in...give me 25/30 minutes to get my car so I can get my dog.

Aaron and I had a blast going back to their house so I could pick up my car and go get Josie out. I'd had a brilliant thought to call our friends who live around the corner, but then she remembered we'd taken their spare back...bah!

I got to the house, called the agent (as we'd agreed I would do once I got digs out) and told him I'd procured the dog. Josie and I walked around the park for a while and then jumped back in the car to go home. They were still in the house. Okay, wait down the block and watch the house. Drive by the house. See Timothy (buyers agent). Drive back down the block and park.

Finally they come out and they wave as they drive by.

Alia invited me to see The Breakfast Club in a park, but after kick ball I was tired, had to pee, and wasn't dressed for it (it's cold here!!!).

So when am I going to learn to listen to that inner guide?!


Jack K. said...

My guess is that you listened, and chose to ignore the message.

It bugs me when I do the same thing.

You think we would learn.

Oops. You already said that.

Monika said...

I even got my son to listen to his inner voice. Of course he didn't want to admit it, but had several positive events, where he listened and did him some good. So now he even tells me, when something like that accured.
Thanks for your well wishes for my granny! ;o)