Wednesday, August 08, 2007

bah, once again

So I get a call last night from Kevin. I don't check the voice mail, instead I call him back. He says that someone wants to see the house between 7 and 7:30, could I be there? Jill and I say YES! We already know the bed wasn't made because we'd stopped by to feed the cats earlier so we leave her house at about 6:15. She makes the bed (best. friend. ever!) while I pick up stuff and run the vacuum a couple of places. We spray the hell out of the bathroom with the neutralizing spray Alia gave us. We open a few windows to air it a bit before shutting them and heading to the park with Josie.

We walk and walk and walk. It is finally about 7:20 and we decide to zip by the street to see if there are any cars out front. Nope. Jill runs inside to look for new business cards (the sign that they've come and gone). Nope. We go back to the park, load Josie in the car and park down the block facing our house so we can see if someone comes.

They never show.

We wait until about 7:45. By this time I've called Kevin and gotten what we think is the agents phone number. It is the office she works out of.

Jill and I get Josie back inside, feed her and give her the rest of her stick before heading back to Jill's house for the pizza that is now room temp (we'd ordered it right before heading to the house).

I am thankful for good friends like Jill who are willing and even excited about going to my house to help me pick up the few things that need to be. Even when there is pizza on its way to her house. I can not imagine life without my dear friend. I'm glad we followed her here so many years ago. :)

The thing that really annoys me? The agent didn't even call to say that they were A. running late, B. not coming, or C. needing to reschedule.

Common courtesy, where art thou?


Jack K. said...

That is one of the many things that bug me about real estate licensees who don't understand the concept of serving and caring.

Ah well, I will still do my part to teach as many of them as I can.

Let Alia know that when we come up to help you get things settle in your next palace that I will be happy to put on a short seminar about serving, caring and sharing for her agency or the local board.

I'm also glad that you have Jill as a friend. You both understand what I'm talking about.

Love ya,


PlazaJen said...

Man, that stinks. Not fair at all, and quite rude to boot!

When people do that, they should have to pay for your pizza. (I'll institute that when I rule the world.)

Becky said...

I couldn't stand agents that would stand me up either. And you can't really say anything b/c you still want them to possibly show the listing in case the others that they were looking at didn't work out. It is rude, no question.