Friday, August 10, 2007

diggity has lost her mind and other random orts

I'm sitting in the office (aka sewing/knitting room) and can hear Josie snorting and scratching her back along the bed. She is nuts. She's in the stage where if I look at her, even with a blank look, she gets nuts-o because she thinks we are going somewhere. Not unless someone calls to look at the house darlin'.

Speaking of the house (cuz when am I not these days?) Alia sent out an email to every agent who has brought someone through the place asking what they thought, what stood out as great and not so great. One agent has replied already. She said it has cute curb appeal, except for the old garage door and siding "cheapened" the look. I can totally understand. Two things we didn't love about it, but once we got inside we adored it. She did think that it was decorated wonderfully, though! :)

The agent who showed the house last night, last name is Butterworth. I kid you not.

I packed up eleventy billion pairs of shoes today to be sent back to a vendor on Monday. Okay, more like 13 cases, but it felt like eleventy billion by the time I'd taken price tags off and made sure each of the shoes in the box were friends and what the box said they were. Chas will be happy to know that we don't have to schlep all of them to our downtown store (where we do all the shipping from). Our UPS guy at the new store (where we have more space, ergo where the cases are) will check in on Monday to see if they are ready for pick up.

Josie is stalking me. Every time I turn around and look at her, she starts wiggling at me. I know if I get up, she's going to get a bit nuttier than she already is. Help me.

It is only 2:40 in the afternoon and I could go to sleep. I don't like the stress of selling a house. It makes me not able to get a good nights sleep. Somebody, buy my house!

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