Thursday, August 02, 2007

vegas blogging


Blogging from Vegas, baby!

It is our first night in town. I’m down about $20. No biggie. I only brought $40 with to waste on the slots and the roulette wheel. I’ve walked far too far in newish shoes (I’ve walked all over Portland in my new sandals with no problem). I have blisters on the bottom of my feet. Thankfully I brought flip flops with that are really comfortable. I do believe that they will be fine tomorrow and the blisters will be gone (they aren’t huge). Sadly there has been chaffing where chaffing shouldn’t be. But I won’t discuss that…

It all stems from the flipping heat. But it IS a desert.

The house was shown both yesterday (twice) and today (once). It gives me hope that it will still go earlier than the average time on the market for SE Portland.

But I’m NOT going to write about that now. However, if internet connection cost less than $13 a DAY, I’d be blogging LIVE! from Vegas. Instead, I will blog when I feel like it and actually post it when I am home in cool, comfortable Portland.

We’ve got busy days coming up. I’ve got four meetings set up tomorrow. Two with kids companies, one with our local handbag maker and one with a clog company. It should be a tiring day. Hopefully the chaffing will not be a problem, nor the blisters.

Until tomorrow…


Well, today was rather busy. Four appointments to view shoes and handbags. It went rather well, I would say. Between the first two and the last two I got a call from Alia. The people who toured the house yesterday supposedly want to see it again tomorrow. She sounded very positive (she always does). I was jumping around and looking like the complete fool, but making everyone in the VIB room smile (very important buyer). My companions all thought we’d gotten an offer. When I said that it was just a second viewing they all laughed about what my reaction to an offer will look like. We’ll see when that times comes.

So tonight we have the opening night show. Stevie Nicks and Hall and Oats. Not my favorite (Stevie) but it should prove to be fun. We’ll see if I can consume my weight in booze beforehand…okay, not really. Well, the group is waiting so off I go!


Just in after an evening of great food and better booze. I had just gotten off the phone while in my room when Wendy, Ahmed’s wife, called me. I decided to meet her downstairs (assuming she and I would sit in front of a penny slot machine). I had half a margarita and was done. I’d already had three and a half. She and I had several moments where we talked about Ahmed and his kindness. I told her that I go mamma bear on new staff, warning them of taking advantage of his kindness. I think it gave her a sense of calm. I love my job. I love my boss. I love feeling secure.

I don’t want to talk of the gambling. I don’t want to think about the drink…in fact, I’m out.


later the same day:

It was a rough morning today. A bit rougher than I’d thought it would be. We made great time at the show and got in with our vendors earlier than our scheduled appointments. I ate the best burger for lunch and felt human again. I normally am not a heavy drinker. Hence the rough morning.

I don’t want to write about all that though. No fun. Wendy and I hit the roulette table again this afternoon and I am happy to say I’m leaving this town with more money than I came with. Nice feeling. My bags are also about 20 pounds heavier as well, but that’s from all the catalogs I have to take home with me. It’s the only thing about these events that is annoying to me. However I think my stack is smaller this go around.

We’re already thinking ahead to the next show in February. Wendy is planning our hotel (it won’t be the MGM again). She’s also said that if the opening night act isn’t good we’ll go see Ka (a Cirque du Soleil show). I’ve seen the “making of” documentary on the in house channel and it looks amazing.

So it’s 8:00 pm, I’m in my night shirt and I think I’m going to go crawl into bed and watch silly tv. I’m beat.


Just back from a lovely breakfast with Wendy and Chas. Finally, good coffee was found. This hotel has nothing but Staryucks on their premises. However the buffet was different. This made me happy. It’s the first morning I’ve woken and actually feel awake…kind of.

I am looking forward to getting home, showing Jessica what kids styles I saw and am interested in getting for the store. We’ll have an appointment with one of our vendors when back in Portland because their line sheet is the worst. It is simply drawings, not photographs. So I made notes on the styles I think are pretty great and we’ll get her opinion.

I guess the house showed three times when I was gone over the five days. Not bad, I’d say. Although I think Kev and I are ready for it to sell. The keeping it clean thing was tough on him. I think he now realizes all that I do around there to keep it show ready. Maybe he’ll pitch in even more to help me out. I’m not sure we were expecting the kind of foot traffic we’ve gotten. I’m not complaining, but it would be nice if one of the people who walked through would, oh I don’t know, want to buy it!?! I know it will happen. I know that we’ll be making another offer on our house soon. I’m feeling lucky.


Jack K. said...

Glad to hear you had a great time in Vegas. It reminded me of the time we went together to the Woodlands dog track. When we won you cashed in the ticket. "We came winners and we left winners." That is the best way to do it.

You will be lucky and get that offer for the house you are anxiously awaiting.

I do hope that Kev keeps up the work around the house from here on out.



Cari said...

Portland has spoiled you for coffee. From The Hotcake House to our hotel restaurant to Stumptown, I did not encounter a single bad cup of coffee in Portland.

A bit of perspective: We're in a really hot housing market here in Brooklyn and more than 80 couples saw our house before we got into contract. Six open houses and countless individual showings. You haven't been on the market very long at all. Try to be patient. Your buyer is out there, as is the right house for you.

Becky said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous of your Vegas trip. I love going there. I know what you mean about having to keep your place clean. I was the same way when I was trying to sell my place in Hawaii -- not to mention trying to take the dogs out for each showing was a little frustrating.