Saturday, August 04, 2007


St. Joe is hanging out on our kitchen counter as I type. I got him when I was in Vegas. I will bury him tomorrow (my day off). It is interesting because the little leaflet that came with him says there are different beliefs when it comes to St. Joe. Bury him facing the house, facing away, upside down, in the East corner, or simply have him in the house. The most important thing, it reads, is to believe he will help you sell your home. :) That makes me smile. Kev says THAT is where he has a problem...the believing. I know I've said in the past that I'm not a superstitious person and here I am burying St. Joseph to help sell my just makes me smile. I'll take any help I can right now.

I know that selling a house can take a long time. I'm okay with this. However, since we have found a home that we want very badly, it is making me anxious and nauseated.

But now onto my first day back from Vegas. Found a dead body in the store. Not a human, but not as small as a mouse...a rat. We got a call when we were standing in the lobby of the MGM before heading to the airport yesterday. Jessica informed us that there was rat activity, chewed napkins, poop, etc. She'd not seen the rat (which I told her we should name Roy). No, that was left for me.

I was coming around the counter to put some shoes back in the store room. I happened to look down at the floor and what should I see under a rack of shoes, Roy. Skin crawled. I freaked out, pulled in the sign saying we were open, turned the sign on the door to "shut" and called Ahmed. He came and was my knight in shining armor. I am hoping Roy (who we realized should have been named Rosetta) was a loner. But often times you don't have that luxury.

So today I will go into the store and work and just not think about it...instead I'll work on kids orders for spring/summer 08, read a bit of the first Harry Potter (I'm starting from the beginning now), and sell tons of clogs!

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