Friday, August 17, 2007

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This morning we got word that our house on Long already had an offer on the table. There had been a bit of countering between parties and was waiting for the seller to decide if she wanted to accept the last counter. She was meeting her agent at 12:30 this afternoon.

Alia called in a right state saying we needed to come in and offer full asking price (still well in our comfort zone). And we needed to do it NOW!

Without going into all the details, I was stressed beyond what I thought was possible.

We got the new offer off to Alia, who got it to the selling agent. We included a letter to the seller saying how much like home we felt in her house, among more things. Alia added her own.

We also had our house inspected by our buyer's guy. So that meant getting Diggity out of the house all day. I ended up meeting Greg (the buyer) and instantly liked him as much as I thought I would after reading the letter he wrote us about our house. He felt like someone we would even hang out with...

So I am sitting in the park with Josie, waiting to go home. I'm chatting with Alia. I ask her if it's bad to take J bird home when they are still there. She said I could go and tell them that I needed to get back to work and couldn't take her with me. The guys were all very nice and accommodating. We joked about Simon lounging all day.

However, while in the park, before going back to the house and meeting the guys, Alia tells me that there is a third offer coming in on our house on Long tonight. WTF?!?!?

So, we added an escalator clause saying we'd go to X number of dollars over the highest offer, but not to exceed X amount. We're still in our comfort zone if this has to happen. The good thing, the third offer is being made by a new, less experienced agent AND the lender is not someone the selling agent has ever even heard of. We are with Wells Fargo and considering many lenders have gone under recently...this is good. He tells us our offer is the strongest.

So there we have it. We are supposed to find out tomorrow if our offer will be the one accepted. I still feel like it's home. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm so tired.


bronxbt said...

being tired of the game is inevitable. hang in there.

tho i never posted about it, ex- and i went through 1 solid month of screw ups, bad realtor (the buyers) errors, addendums, fixits, issues, renixed $$ amounts, and TONS of other shady sh*t that drove us to the brink.

BUT, in the end, it was done, and we were able to get it sold and walk away in different directions with our halves...

you guys can do it! nothing worse can come of what's happened so far. you're clause $$ to protect against price hikes is an intelligent move!

hang in there sweetie!

hugs 'da fuzzies for me

~ B

Jack K. said...

Ain't real estate sales wonderful?

Welcome to the fun times of real estate.

Keep the faith and try not to get to stressed out.

It will all work out.

I find the final offer unique and workable. This is the first I had heard of such an offer. You have a great agent.

k said...

I've been saying quiet little hopeful words on your behalf...please keep us posted!! I know the last thing on your mind when you get the info will be to blog, but I'm dying to see how the story goes. :)