Thursday, August 16, 2007


It was just yesterday morning when I was screaming into my phone to my friend Reagan that "the only way this *ing week will be any better is if I get a *ing offer on my house!!!"

Last evening, Chris brought his client back to look at the house again (they'd been by on Tuesday to look at it). Alia called right after Kev called to make sure I could get Digs out. We laughed about how the cats hated me (they both used the potty box RIGHT before I was heading out the door...Simon even pooped, the jerk). She kept saying, "just make it as cool as you can inside because it's HOT outside..." Yeah, that's not possible when it's 96 degrees out there and 83 inside.

Josie and I drove around, went to the park, called my parents. I was calm. I'd gotten worked up about second viewings in the past. I was tired and didn't want to waste the energy. Although deep down I think I knew this was the one.

Alia called about an hour or so after they left the house (they were here at least 20 minutes) saying they were at Chris's office and they were writing up an offer!!! My heart sang! But I responded with "cool."

This morning she dropped by with the offer. The money was spot on what we'd been planning. The time frame for the inspection, a little long (10 days). We countered with 7 days for the inspection. It's tomorrow at 1:30. Um yeah, I think Greg wants the house!

We are putting another offer in on the house we looooooove (you remember, the one we offered and they rejected and then lowered it by 15,000?!). So I am having to remember to stop and take deep breaths every so often.

Keep fingers crossed and thank St. Joseph for all he did!!! I loves me some St. Joe!!!


Jack K. said...

Good for you all. You knew it would happen and it did.

Not take a deep breath and let out a primal scream.


Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

Yay! And still below average, eh?

PlazaJen said...

Oh, that is awesome. you needed that boost this week, sugar! I hope everything keeps rolling along & you get the house sold, and buy the one you love!!! Then you gotta celebrate!

StarSpry said...

Congratulations and good luck with your offer!

bronxbt said...

i swore i wouldn't do or say this.. but what the hell.

told ya so...

gratz to you both & the menagerie... i'll keep mah' fingers crossed for ya!


Becky said...

Congratulations on selling your home. I bet you are sleeping so much better at night now, right?