Sunday, August 19, 2007

not the one

Well, as much as we wanted that house, the seller went with the "first" offer she got (does she not realize we were the very first offer a month ago?) because she doesn't want to hurt the people who made it.


So, that just means it was not the house for us and we will find the one that is (all before we have to be out of our house). Thankfully Greg (buyer of our house) gave us the option to rent back for 2 weeks. I'm hoping that we don't have to go too far into that 2 weeks...

So, that's the news. Sucky as it is, we're doing well. Feeling like this really is what is supposed to happen.


PlazaJen said...

Wow. You'd have to get the stupid vibes outta that house if it did become yours. (Don't want to "hurt" the first people? Dude, real estate is BUSINESS in the end.) I'm all for feeling good about the buying/selling relationship, but that's just crazy. So it means destiny is going to find you THE house, and I can't wait to hear about it!

Cari said...

This, plus the rejection of your first offer and then lowering the price...I have to wonder what the seller of that house is thinking. Her choices have made no sense. Anyway, you're right. This clearly isn't the one. You'll find the right house, I'm sure.

bronxbt said...

soooo.. i'mma little fuzzie on the details here. (NO, not an evil plot to get you to go vote for 'da animalz... honest)

so, you DO have an offer? things are going well on that end?? right?

the rest is easy and fun if that's the case... go git a new home! search high and low, visit and explore...

it's out there.. i promise!

luv, b