Monday, August 20, 2007

good better best

I just spoke with Charles (my other half at work). I told him how we were going with the thought that the house being so close to the train yards would probably be really loud and we were glad we didn't get it. He said, "Actually, it IS really loud. It's not just trains rushing through, it's the clanking of unhooking and hooking up the cars. People in that neighborhood have lodged complaints to the city about the noise. The city responded with 'the train yard has been there longer than your homes.' So yeah, it IS a good thing."

This makes us feel better than he knows.

So we'll see what IS out there that is the house for us!!! It's exciting all over again...

Thanks for the support, kids! It does not go un-felt!!!


bronxbt said...

told you it would work out...


Jack K. said...

Meddling real estate broker dad time again.

When you find homes that seem to sing to you, go back at different times of the day, night, week, etc. Look and listen. Talk to the neighbors.

I bet Alia has suggested this. If not, let her know about it.

It's no wonder they lowered the price.

Trains can be very noisy. Charles gave you some good information. But, you didn't need dad to tell you that.

Good luck.

The right house is out there. Continue to trust your intuition.



Becky said...

It makes me think of My Cousin Vinny. I think you would have gone crazy if you'd wound up living there.

When I was looking at my condo in Seattle, I stopped a neighbor to ask her about what she liked/didn't like and it was helpful to have such an honest opinion.