Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a good stiff drink

Last night I am beginning to do some laundry when my phone rings. It's the annoying ring. You know, the one that indicates it is someone from work?

One of our employees telling me she can no longer work for us. Effective immediately. Um, she was scheduled to work TODAY. I understand she's got health issues. I don't doubt that she's not been feeling great, however wouldn't you think she could work the following day? She called me at 7:20. Many hours after her shift ended yesterday.

So we are dealing with that fire. We've, thankfully, hired two more people. They both start training tomorrow. One with me, the other at another location. I ended up going in a bit today (which both of the newbies noted was supposed to be my day off). I'm tired. I'm going to be working 6 day weeks for the next month or so. Thankfully, my boss knows that we work hard for him (Chas and myself) and I don't think this is going un-noted in his mind.

Somebody kill me. OR get someone to buy my house because THAT is the one thing that could really give me a boost right now.

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bronxbt said...

i'm very sorry the house selling madness isn't going quite as planned...

keep that lovely chin up, dear... the house's time will come, and you and yer boy will be made into 2 very hapy campers.

jes' don't upgrade TO a camper. if you wanna see a funny one, come back to weaselonastick... trip photos captured one you may like.

*snicker* and *hugz*