Saturday, August 04, 2007


I was told yesterday by an employee that she was quiting. No big deal, we can handle it. We understand...she's going back to school after she gets back from a fabulous European vacation. Today, I get told by a different employee that she, too, is quiting. Excuse my language Mom and Dad...but fuck me!

It was a day we were going to go get keys from someone, telling her that her time with us was coming to an end. Yeah, scratch that idea real quick...bah!!! I don't know when I will ever really have a "normal" schedule again. I've posted listings for three positions on craigslist. We've gotten three applicants already respond. I've got two interviews set up, the third failed to respond to my last email. Since we only posted two yesterday and one just today I feel pretty good about getting three responses thus far.

It will be interesting, how this all plays out. At least it happened after we got back from Vegas, right?

I've got an hour and a half left before heading to my friend's birthday party. I will be drinking wine tonight. I've already told Kevin this. Thankfully I am not working the floor tomorrow, but we are having an all staff meeting that I must attend. Hell, I'm leading part of it.

Give me strength, for everything in my life right now.

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