Friday, June 29, 2007

kamikaze butterflies

Ever since our friend told us he knows a woman from work who might be interested in buying the house I've felt a weird knot in my stomach. Not the type of "no, this isn't right" knot. More like butterflies who are fitted with leg weights so they keep bouncing around rather than fluttering.

I sent our realtor an email about the person who might be interested. I've not heard back. I fear that with each day that passes the kamikaze butterflies are going to get even more out of control, leaving me to feel like they've broken through and are beating me up from the inside out.

I breath.

The whole sell our house/buy a new house dance is interesting. We have found a few homes (I've shared them with you, Mom) that we wouldn't mind seeing the inside of in person. We're blasting through our list of things to do before listing, quickly. However, I feel like time is standing in mud that is up to its calves.

I'm a RIGHT NOW girl. I try to not be, I try to know that NOW doesn't have to happen at the exact moment my mind feels it should. NOW could be in two months. But NOW I'm wanting things to move along quicker. A test in patience, which I don't always exhibit.

I breath.

I am working this whole weekend. I hope it keeps my mind off of house house house stuff. I hope that while I'm out of the house Kev will paint the laundry space (it's hardly a room) and finish the fan trim (exhaust fan in bathroom).

If (and it's a HUGE if, I understand) but IF this woman does happen to come by, tour the house, fall in love and make an offer prior to us listing...I would laugh and laugh and laugh. Not in the maniacal way, but in the "I can hardly believe our luck" as I thanked those lucky stars.

I breath.


Jack K. said...

The offer will come.

You will like it.

You will agree.

You will find the right next house.

You will move.

You will ask us to come do things to the new house.

You will be pleased when we arrive.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

all of these factors make for great experiences with butterfly-ee goodness....

it's to be expected.

breath, stay focused and allow yourself to not (no, not KNOT) get yourself too wrapped up in any "chance"

while J and I lucked out, it took 1.5 months of huge drama and issues to close. i hereby wish upon you and your boy the ability to get an offer, whenever it comes that goes smoothly, quickly and painlessly.

oh, and carry a fly swatter around to beat those damned moths down, girl!

hugs & puppy dawgs,