Friday, June 01, 2007

old salmon river

We got up earlier than I thought we would yesterday. Normally I am the early riser. I wake with the animals as they start bugging me for breakfast. I sometimes think Kev is laying there awake, waiting for me to get them before he has to. If I tell him the night before that I'm sleeping in it works and he will get up to slop the pigs.

Yesterday he was up before the stomping even started by our middle child. I got up shortly after and suggested we use the gift certificate I'd won for a great breakfast place. His response was "don't you want to go hike?"

You can see what my answer was. We've not hiked together in quite sometime now. What with his changing his job from a Mon/Tues weekend, to a regular weekend, to a split weekend (Wed/Sun). We tried to go on Sundays because he was playing basketball on Wed nights for a little while. I figured he wouldn't want to hike in the morning and then go play ball in the evening. But there was always too many people out on the trails so we just sort of stopped going.

Because he is the manager of his shop he sometimes has to work crummy hours (and because of my status at work I can pick and choose my days off). He worked all day, open to close, on Wednesday (yes, that is a normal day off). I decided to put in a few hours on Wed so we could actually hang out on Thurs.

I digress...

I had found a hike that looked good, not too hard, and just long enough (5.2 miles, 100ft gain in elevation). It was about a 45 minute drive towards Mt Hood.

Josie was all knowing and having a conniption fit until we finally were all in the car and heading there. Even while in the car she was a wreck. She could hardly wait to get out and go. go. GO!

The weather here has been a bit on the warmer side so I am glad we chose a hike by the water. It was cool while we were close and just a few feet off the banks we could feel the difference. We saw amazing things, heard the water crashing over the rocks and just enjoyed spending the day together. It's been a long time...too long.

We spoke of the fact that he would possibly be playing basketball again on Wed nights, but if we did get up early enough and plan to do so, we could get a hike in in the morning as well.

I've missed my time with my husband and our dog. I know they have missed it just as much.

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Jack K. said...

Glad to know you had a great day.

The photos are superb.