Saturday, June 02, 2007

dear trio

To my three loving and wonderful animals:

You bring such joy to my life. You three always make me smile. I can not remember a time when you were not all here, in our world.

Chloe, you have been lucky enough to know both Bob and Fred. They were two special kitties, weren't they? You cleaned Bob until the very end, when he'd given up. You owned Fred, which you particularly enjoyed. We have photos of you scowling down at him from atop the dresser. He has fear in his eyes. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the shelter. I can hardly believe we just celebrated your 10th birthday! I don't like to think of it, really. Even though people keep telling me "cats live long" I still don't like to think of it. Although we joke that you are going to outlive us all! We also warned Simon at the three year anniversary of when he became part of the pack to watch his back. You're a sneaky one, Chlortence Evelyn Jones.

Simon, my dear pudgy Simon. How much do I love you? You entered our lives shortly after we lost Freddie Lumpkins. I will never forget the day we picked you up at the shelter. Your right cheek shaved because you'd gotten into something they couldn't wash out...and by cheek, you know which I mean. ;) You came in and immediately took over. Something Chloe was not too thrilled about. You couldn't have cared less. You filled a big void in our hearts left by the sudden departure of Fred. I like to think he knew you needed us.

Josie...oh Josie. My first dog ever. I didn't think I could love another soul as much as I love you. You entered the house knowing that Simon was the king of the house (among you guys, that is). You have nibbled on his back doing that sweet little "flea biting" thing, making his eyes roll back in his head. I swear! I saw it! You persist in smelling Chloe and wiggling whenever she is near, winning her over. I promise you, she does love you. The two of you girls are so close to actually snuggling it kills me. You also have given the sweetest of kisses to a baby who is dear to my heart. You made Henry's Mom love you even more with your delicate, tip of your tongue, kiss. Then, you turned to me and slurped up my entire arm. Wiggling the whole time. Josephine Sassafras MacGillicuty MY dog. It still wows me to think you are all MINE! Well, I suppose you think Pops is pretty special seeing as he makes the sun and moon rise...

I can not imagine life without you three in it. I love you so much and am honored we are the family you live with. Thank you for your love.


PlazaJen said...

Don't the fur babies just make life that much better???
Great pics, too.

hah! my word verification is "nanrr"

shannon said...

They do make the world a better place!

I love the photos too. They were for a flier for a yoga benefit. All proceeds went to the shelter.